This is a story of Life, Persecution, Emigration and Survival
It has become visible through the documents of Suse MERZBACH
At age 15 - 16, her mother already dead, her father in Concentration Camp, Suse persevered through all the necessary steps, and got permission to leave for Chile

The second World War had already started - the last documents are dated January, 1940, 4 months into World War II !

The following are Documents from Roberto BRUNSCHWIG archives

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Merzbach_ignaz_stammbuch_00 Merzbach_ignaz_stammbuch_01 Merzbach_ignaz_gedenkbuch_00 Merzbach_ignaz_gedenkbuch_0 Merzbach_ignaz_gedenkbuch_01 Merzbach_ignaz_gedenkbuch_02
Family tree of Ignaz MERZBACH Ignaz MERZBACH - Memorial Book
Merzbach_ignaz_gedenkbuch_03 Merzbach_ignaz_gedenkbuch_04 Merzbach_ernst_stammbuch_00 Merzbach_ernst_stammbuch_0 Merzbach_ernst_stammbuch_1 Merzbach_ernst_stammbuch_2
  Family tree of Ernst MERZBACH
merzbach_ignaz_burger.jpg merzbach_ernst_referendar_31201_01 merzbach_ernst_referendar_31201_02 Merzbach_ernst_gerichtassessor_1_031006 copy merzbach_alfred_death_210811
Ignaz MERZBCH - a Citizen
1 Sep 1879
Ernst MERZBACH - Trainee Lawyer
3 Dec 1901
Ernst MERZBACH - Court Assessor
3 Oct 1906
Merzbach_ernst_gerichtassessor_031006 Merzbach_ernst_gerichtassessor_03_031006 merzbach_ernst_kriegsgerichtsrat_030519 merzbach_ernst_verdienstkreuz_191219 merzbach_ernst_verdienstkreuz_191219_rev merzbach_ernst_rechtsanwaltschaft_291221
Ernst MERZBACH - Court Assessor
3 Oct 1906
Military Court Advocater
3 May 1919
Honour bestowed
for services to the milirary
3 May 1919
qualified Solicitor
29 Dec 1921
merzbach_suse_birth_021123 merzbach_ernst_entlassen_050933_01 merzbach_ernst_entlassen_050933_02 greiffenberg_erna_death_210133 merzbach_suse_impf_230535 merzbach_ernst_ehrenkreuz_160835
Suse Merzbach
Birth Cerificate
02 Nov 1923

Ernst MERZBACH -Dismissed
05 Sep 1933

death 21 Jan 1933
Suse Merzbach
vaccination Cerificate
23 May 1935
Honours Cross
acknowledged by the Nazis
16 Aug 1935