Merzbach Families - First Reunion
Offenbach 3-5 June 2007

Assemble reports for the amazing events and emotions evoked during our first gathering.
Here are:
1. Letter received from Bella and Prof, David Merzbach on 16 May 2007 [ BEFORE the Reunion itself]

2. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeiting reoport   faz_050607_150.jpg  click on the image for German
                          translation into English

3. Offenbacher Rundschau                        off_rund_150.jpg  click on the image for German
                          translation into English      

4. Frankfurter Rundschau                        off_rund_150.jpg  click on the image for German

5. Images from an unforgettable gathering

                                               a. [ Lewin Camera] - do please let me have yours as well!!!    DSC_1015.JPG  click on the image
                                               b. [ Herbert GOLDSCHMIDT Camera] image689_65.jpg  click on the

                                               c. [ Peter-Michael MERZBACH Camera] reunion_2007_christel_peter_309.jpg click on the

5. Our family writes:
         a. Liz ROTHSCHILD from England: a spontaneous poem to the Reunion

         b. Ely MERZBACH: "My Parents" merzbach_charles_1071.jpg  click on the
         c. Peter from Sweden on "As I arrived home again it really struck me how important the reunion was for me."
         d. "It was Perfect" - the report of the Reunion by Sylvia Lewin

Letters and comments from family members - are placed in the Private area of the Merzbach site

6. The Offebach Cemetery

                                               a. List of graves with access to photographs

                                               b. Cemetery layout - with location of the graves




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