Merzbach Bank building and other homes in Offenbach

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The Offenbach Bank building in 1886,
(left to right) Bertha in window (daughter of Hermann, one of the 15 sons, b. 1877), Josephine Steinhardt Merzbach (b. 1851, wife of Hermann), Lisbeth (daughter of Hermann, b. 1883), grandmother Steinhardt (mother of Josephine), Netty (sister of Josephine), Rudolf in window (son of Hermann, b. 1881, my grandfather), Wilhelm with bowler hat (son of Hermann, b. 1873). Notice the words chalked on the building above the head of grandmother Steinhardt - something like "bitte die ??? nicht zu nutzen" (not quite sure if I am reading it correctly).

Lina Kaufmann   Friedel Nickelburg    Anna Loewenstein

            Hansi   Collin

                               Leonhard HITZ
  The bank building 28 Feb 1933 World War II Oberbuergermeister's Official Notifiaction Letter, dated April 9, 1969, informing Eugenie Guggenheim of the naming of Siegfried Guggenheim Weg Siegfried Guggenheim - WegI
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Who is hanging out of the windows of the Merzbach Bankhouse?
Image from Deidre JAMES
Seal of S Merzbach bank article on bank torn down Article about the history of the Merzbach bank from newspaper in 1997, with picture of the bank after it was destroyed in WWII. Shows another angle of the building. The Guggenheim
Family home
in Tulpenhofweg 45