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Our Earliest Merzbach Family back to 1714


Selig Siegmund MERZBACH
1805 - 1869


Merzbach families Scrapbook

Documents - we need your help to decipher


1932 : celebrating 100 years of S. Merzbach Bank in Offenbach

3 - 5 June 2007 : First MERZBACH Family Reunion in Offenbach, Germany
to commemmorate Sirgmumd MERZBACH

22 April 2009 - celebrating 125 years of the first elektrische Strassenbahn (streetcar) in Germany, running from Frankfurt to Offenbach was opend for public use.
It was financed by
Siegmund Merzbach


Current Merzbach Family Research

The Offebach Cemetery

                                               a. List of graves with access to photographs

                                               b. Cemetery layout - with location of the graves

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The Offenbach Merzbach Family Tree

Other Merzbach families: How are they related? Links to:

  The Belgian/Polish Merzbach families

link: has been taken off the web

The Dutch Merzbach Family:

Dutch Descendants:
Simon Simcha MERZBACH

    The Magdeburg Merzbach Family:
who was Moses Simon MERZBACH - where are his descendents?         

The California Merzbach Family:
What we know about the SanFrancisco, California MERZBACH family.
Who were they ?

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